When Schmidt® Axxiom Manufacturing, Inc.™ began operations 41 years ago; the founders shared a vision to introduce more productive equipment to the abrasive blasting industry that would also contribute to a smarter, safer workplace environment. With a team of dedicated, knowledgeable welders, engineers and staff, they produced a quality product that has come to be trusted worldwide.

Schmidt® Axxiom Manufacturing, Inc.™. Is proud to be carrying on that vision and tradition. With hundreds of years of combined experience and resources, the people of Axxiom are able to design and manufacture vessels that continue to be unsurpassed in their industry.


Multi-Media Blasters (M-Series)
Schmidt® M-Series multi-media blasters add flexibility to your blasting operation. They are designed to be used with a broader range of abrasive media than a typical blaster, including Sodium Bicarbonate, allowing you to achieve the surface profile you need because you can use the abrasive best suited for the job.

Now you can use a single system for all your jobs—from cleaning surface’s grease and oil to stripping Corrosion, Rust, Paint, etc.

The key to M-Series systems is in the easy to use, precision controls. The M-Series have features to allow for blasting at high or low pressure, as well as features for improved abrasive flow and flow control. These include a pressure regulator to reduce blast air pressure when working with delicate objects, full pressure bypass for working with tougher applications and differential pressure control for enhanced operation when blasting with lightweight abrasives.


AirPrep Systems

Don’t let moisture (water) in your air supply rob you of your productivity. Behind insufficient air supply, moisture is the second largest enemy to blasting productivity. “Wet” air causes flash rusting, clogs blast pots with damp abrasives, damages control valves and reduces productivity. Remember – moisture is a problem in even seemingly dry conditions!- Blasting operations that simply add a Schmidt® high volume Aftercooler moisture separator have documented increased production of 12 to 15%. 


Airprep 1-2015    –    M-Series 1-2015